Smart Gamma Dose Rate Monitor RTS ENVIRAD-01
The ENVIRAD-01 is suited for the measurement of dose-rate from background levels to large fields that can be generated by accidental releases in nuclear plant or facilities and is specifically designed for indoor area and process monitoring as well as for outdoor environmental monitoring.

Its primary function is to measure the dose-rate in the interested area and to transfer data, including alarms, to the control unit. The probe also allows local alarming if needed.

The technical solutions characterizing the ENVIRAD-01 permit very low power consumption, compact dimensions and light weight. Easy operation and very limited need of operator's interventions are among the advanced characteristics as well as measurement precision and reliability thanks to proprietary algorithms, auto-test and auto-calibration procedures, automatic failure detection and automatic control of significant parameters, including response time between two programmable values.

Radiation probe RPSS - Product sheet