Aerosols Monitors RAM-31 and RAM-31Ge
RAM-31 Aerosols Monitor and RAM-31Ge Automatic Alpha/Beta/Gamma Aerosol Monitor with on-line real time spectrometry

The RAM-31 belongs to the family of aerosol monitoring systems developed using advanced and well tested technologies and solutions. It may be used as mobile or fixed stand-alone equipment as well as a peripheral station in a complex monitoring network, also coupled to dose-rate, iodine and gas monitoring units.

The standard configuration is in a wheeled rack cabinet, but wall or skid mounted units are also available as options. The RAM-31 allows the continuous monitoring of the radioactive aerosols collected on a circular filter from air using spectrometric techniques. It basically performs the on line alpha & beta (and optionally gamma) measurement from the filter using multi-channel analysis to evaluate the presence of artificial emitters. The final results are the associated activity concentrations in air.

The air inlet is mounted at the top of the cabinet to ease access and to optimize path for ambient air or stack/duct monitoring. All the filter movements are carried out through very reliable mechanism driven by low voltage motors. The filters storage units are vertical cylinders located at two sides of the measuring head.

Using a spectrometric technique combined with the “real-time” processing of the differential equations related to the natural decay chains, allows a reliable compensation of the Radon and Thoron contribution to the radioactive aerosols and the measurement of Radon and Thoron concentrations. Having the artificial and natural isotopes separated enables the system to determine the artificial concentrations to be calculated.

The RAM-31 can be equipped with an additional detector and related electronics dedicated to perform gamma spectrometry analysis of the filter during sampling.

Three different options are available:
  • GAM-01 (RAM-31Na) based on NaI(Tl) / PMT detector
  • GAM-02 (RAM-31Cs) based on CsI(Tl) / PMT detector
  • GAM-03 (RAM-31Ge) based on HPGe electrically cooled detector