IMS4 Agro Station designed for agrometeorological purposes provides reliable monitoring of weather. Together with software performing data processing, archiving, presentation and notification serves as a decision support system for improving management of agrotechnical actions.


  • Automatic measurement of required variables 24 hours a day
  • Real-time data from reliable sensors
  • Archiving measured data in SQL database
  • Measuring agrometeorological elements for
    • effective irrigation
    • estimating phenological phases
    • disease and pest control and prevention
    • scheduling agrotechnical actions
  • Calculation of custom characteristics
    • averages, extremes, sums, indices,
    • cumulative growing degree days
    • evapotranspiration (FAO Penman-Monteith method)
  • User-defined warnings (ground freeze, irrigation, disease potential)
  • Presentation of weather on
    • graphs
    • intranet / internet
  • National language support
  • Connecting web camera for visual presentation (optional)
  • Configuration of sensors according to customer's requirements