Air Quality, Emission Monitoring
Designed for air quality and continuous emissions monitoring the MicroStep-MIS EMS is an environmental data collection, processing and presentation system.

  • Collection, quality control and storing of data
  • Exporting and reporting of collected data
  • Statistical analysis and comparison
  • GIS system for comprehensive environmental supplying
  • Integrating data from various sources.

Data Acquisition Systems

MicroStep-MIS offers a complete line of products for integrating data from various external sensors in the EMS:

  • Standalone AMS 111 data logger integrating environmental monitoring with meteorological measurements and observations.
  • Interfaces between AMS 111 and EMS or third party data management systems.
  • Interfaces between EMS and third party systems

Continuous Emissions Monitoring

The EMS offers complete software packages for industrial continuous emissions monitoring. The software meets the regulations of the Slovak Republic for continuous emissions reporting and monitoring.

Air Quality Monitoring

The network of MicroStep-MIS AMS 111 integrated meteorological and air quality monitoring stations with EMS as a data presentation system is a complete solution for regional/national air quality monitoring system.

Environmental and Meteorological Data Integration

The EMS GTS module connects EMS directly to GTS network. The EMS database stores both locally measured meteo data and data received from GTS(1) in WMO(2) codes.

(1) Global Telecommunication System
(2) World Meteorological Organization
Emissions Monitoring

Air Quality, Emission Monitoring - Product sheet