SDI-12 Interface Dongle SID
The SID is a handy device enabling the user to talk with any SDI-12 sensor simply using a PC and terminal program. SID is designed for use by AWS network maintainers and calibration laboratories. It has a very easy-to-use functionality.


  • Powers the sensors from USB, or external
    power supply
  • Two connectors for SDI-12 sensors
  • Virtual USB serial port
  • RS-232 port
  • Bus monitor function
  • Bus voltage analyzer function

SID acts as an SDI-12 data logger, which transmits commands to a sensor and collects its responses.

It is designed to substitute complicated, big and expensive loggers by a small and simple device. It is ideal for testing sensor responses, setting address etc. After power-up, SID is ready to work. No settings are required.

SID can supply the sensors by up to 2 A current at 12 V by connecting an external power supply.
SDI-12 Interface Dongle SID

SDI-12 Interface Dongle SID
SDI-12 Interface Dongle SID - Product sheet