SIRENY Siren Warning System

Designed to be an integrated part of the crisis centers, the siren warning system is an effective, reliable and cost effective system conforming to the strictest requirements for crisis centers, industrial applications and power engineering, including nuclear energy facilities.

System Architecture

The system consists of a warning devices deployed in the field and of a single or multiple SIRENY control workstations.

Warning Devices

The warning devices include high-performance outside sirens, and lower performance sirens used in interiors, where the signal from outside sirens isn't sufficient, supplemented by light pylons. The warning devices are controlled by microcomputer SiCo-3. All devices are to the maximal extent protected from damage. The built-in self test functionality enables to report device status to the control workstations including the accumulator/power supply status.

Control Workstations

A SIRENY control workstation allows to issue automatic/manual system activations/deactivations, test system functionality and collect remote device status via RS 485 and/or wireless connection. It enables to proclaim different kinds of alarms for all the locality or only for an endangered area. Several SIRENY control workstations may coexist, thus assuring 7 x 24 operation.

Compliance with Standards

  • ISO 7731:1986 Danger signals for work places -- Auditory danger signals
  • ISO 8201:1987 Acoustics - Audible emergency evacuation signal
  • ISO 9001:2000 Quality assurance
  • ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management

SIRENY Siren Warning System - Product sheet