Meteorology and Climatology
Automatic and Manned Weather Stations, Data Collection System, Climatological Database, Meteorological Radar, Microclimate Cave Monitoring System, Model Suite.
Aviation Weather
AWOS, Aviation Weather Decision Support System, Aeronautical Climatological Database, ATIS / VOLMET, Briefing, ARWIS, RVR and LLWAS.
Road Weather
Road weather information system provides accurate real-time road weather information and critical observations for forecasts.
Hydrology and Flood
Data Collection System, Hydrological Database, Water Quality Monitoring, Hydrological Modeling, Flood Forecasting & Warning
IMS4 Sea Workstation, Unified Data Collection System, IMS4 EnviDB Marine Database, IMS4 ATTide, Services
Calibration Laboratory
  • Hardware and software for calibration laboratory
Radiation Monitoring System measures ionizing radiation spontaneously produced by natural or man-made radioactive materials.
Seismological monitoring system is a package of products for data acquisition, archival and management of seismic networks.
Early Warning and Crisis
Complex crisis management and decision support system for the radiological, environmental, hydrological and seismological emergency.
Data Loggers
AMS111 II / IV and SAWS111 are designed for standard, temporary or mobile meteorological stations.
A wide range of meteorological, oceanographic and radiological sensors for accurate measurement of different variables.
Displays offering high contrast digital displaying of different parameters, instant values, averages and variation.
Wide selection of accessories for different use in meteorology and similar fields.
Power Supplies and Chargers
Chargers are integral parts of Automatic Weather Stations. In case of hardly accessible or remote locations, reliable power supply is absolutely necessary.